California Prunes are the not-so-secret ingredient that make everything from appetizers and salads to entrees and desserts irresistible – and they’re good for you, too.

As a premium dried fruit, California Prunes are underestimated for their delicious flavor and versatility. Add them to any recipe that uses dried fruits or that would benefit from their natural sweetness, with deep flavor notes and chewy texture. Think baked goods, chocolate desserts, even rice dishes, roasted vegetables, meat stews – and get a boost of flavor and nutrition.

prune olive relish on crostini with brie

Delicious Prune + Olive Relish

This prune olive relish is a fantastic and flavorful addition to a cheese board, but it is equally…

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bbq sauce recipe - bbq sauce on brush with rubs in background

Loquaci Family’s Secret Ingredient BBQ Sauce Recipe

This incredibly flavorful BBQ sauce recipe makes a perfect complement to virtually anything you put…

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a bowl of Spiced California Prune Jam, both in a bowl and spread on to rustic slices of toast

Spiced Prune Jam

Spiced Prune Jam tastes like the holidays, with rich flavors of the California Prunes and prune…

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a bowl of Prune Butter

How to Make Prune Butter + Ways To Use It

For a delicious (and nutritious) alternative to jam or apple butter, try this simple recipe for…

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a jar of Homemade Teriyaki Sauce with two chopsticks on top

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce (Low Sugar + Paleo Friendly)

This easy homemade Teriyaki Sauce recipe uses prune purée in place of refined sugars. Check out our…

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a glass jar and white bowl filled with Easy BBQ Sauce

The Best Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe

This low sugar easy homemade BBQ Sauce recipe is refined sugar-free, tangy, delicious - and…

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a hand holding a scone topped with prune marmalade and cream

California Prune Marmalade

Prune Marmalade is our favorite fruit preserve. This sweet and textured marmalade will add a touch…

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woman with apron holding a bowl of California Prune Mostarda

California Prune Mostarda

This California Prune Mostarda is an incredibly versatile sweet and sour condiment that elevates…

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a spoon drizzling California Prune Syrup with Pink Peppercorn into a bowl

California Prune Syrup with Peppercorn, Tea & Armagnac

Prepare to wow your taste buds with our California Prune Syrup. Chef Kat Turner says it's the…

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a white plate with a toasted chicken sandwich topped with California Prune bacon jam, tomatoes and lettuce

Bacon Jam

Sweetened with orange juice and California Prunes, this Bacon Jam from Jenny Shea Rawn is sure to…

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Five Spice California Prune Jam on top a a piece of toast with ricotta

Five Spice Prune Jam

This five spice prune jam will welcome your tastebuds into winter. Enjoy this jam on toast with…

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ingredients needed to make 10-Minute California Prune Mole

Quick and Easy Molé Sauce

Try this super simple molé recipe. California prunes are the key to this recipe - tempering the…

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