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California Prunes pack a powerful punch of important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. While many people know the benefits of prunes for digestion, the body of research on prunes’ many other health benefits is accelerating – related to gut health, bone health, cognition, cardiovascular health, weight management and satiety, and more.

Try incorporating California Prunes into your recommendations as an unexpected and delicious choice for your patients and clients. A single serving of California Prunes is 40 grams, or about 4-6 prunes depending on size. They taste great, pack up easily as a convenient snack, and work well was a healthier ingredient swap.

What's in a Serving of Prunes?

California Prunes are packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamin K, potassium and magnesium, that help support overall health and nutrition. With 3 grams of fiber per serving and no added sugars, California Prunes are a low-glycemic good.

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The Prune Nutrition Research Program

The California Prune Board (CPB) established a Nutrition Advisory Panel in 1997 and continues to lead the way in supporting scientifically rigorous research on the nutritional and health benefits of incorporating California Prunes into the diet. We are proud of this work and committed to learning how prunes can help address public health concerns and promote healthy lifestyles.

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Resources For Health Professionals

Learn more about resources available to registered dietitians and other health professionals such as reference tools, handouts, presentations, and articles.

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Prune Research Summary

The Studies

Read abstracts and link to full studies that examine prune consumption as it relates to digestion, gut health, bone health, heart health, weight management, and more.

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California Prunes = Flavor + Versatility

California Prunes are the not-so-secret ingredient that make everything from appetizers and salads to entrees and desserts irresistible – and they’re good for you, too. As a premium dried fruit, California Prunes are underestimated for their delicious flavor and versatility. Add them to any recipe that uses dried fruits or that would benefit from their natural sweetness, with deep flavor notes and chewy texture. Think baked goods, chocolate desserts, even rice dishes, roasted vegetables, meat stews – and get a boost of flavor and nutrition.