The California Prune industry can supply the following prune products: bulk prunes, canned prunes, diced prunes, prune bits, prune paste, prune puree, prune butter, prune juice/concentrate, and prune powder.

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The California Prune Board supports technical and market research that discovers the effects of dried plums on enhancing food and beverage products. Prunes provide multifunctional benefits including moisture retention, fat reduction and flavor enhancement. These research reports and technical bulletins describe some of the recent and ongoing research on the use of prunes as a food ingredient.

Bulk Prunes

Bulk prunes are available with pits or pitted and are also available with or without potassium sorbate added.

Canned Prunes

Also described as ready-to-serve, stewed, cooked or prepared prunes, canned prunes are self-preserving and can be processed ahead of orders and stored ready for shipment. There are three standard packs of canned prunes: Regular Prepared or Stewed, Nectar-Style, and Moist-Pack.

Pastes, Purees, Butters

Prune paste is prepared from prunes with an average of 25% moisture content. It is produced both with and without added potassium sorbate, which inhibits mold and spoilage. Prune paste can be used as an ingredient in a variety of baked and processed goods. Prune puree is a blend of prunes/prune juice concentrate and water. Puree is available as low-moisture (20-25% moisture) to high-moisture (60-70% moisture) and is available in mixed fruit purees and blended with apple or pear puree for products where a lighter color and milder flavor are desired. Prune butter is strained to yield a smooth, soft paste of butter consistency with zero added sugars. It is flowable and contains no skins or seeds.

Juice & Concentrate

Canned or bottled prune juice is prepared from a water extract of prunes. Prune and fresh plum juice concentrate are viscous forms of juice, packed at a 70-degree brix minimum. Concentrate can be used in bakery products, syrups/toppings, juice blends, meat/poultry sauces/marinades, and snack foods/energy bars.


Prune powder is made from 100% whole prune solids. It ranges in moisture content from 2-4% moisture. Powder is used in baker mixes, beverage mixes, and seasoning mixes and as a fat replacement in baking. Prune powder can be used in meat and poultry applications to retain moisture, suppress the growth of some pathogens, and extend shelf life. Mixed fruit powders containing blends of prunes with other fruits, such as apples and pears, are also available.

Diced & Bits

Diced prunes are pitted and cut into ¼ – ½-inch pieces by dicing equipment. They go well in most baked products with little or no modification of the formula. A variety of interchangeable coatings, such as dextrose or vegetable oil, are used to make them free-flowing. Prune bits are prepared by dicing from extruded prune paste. Bits contain no preservatives and are free of pit fragments. Low-cost bits can be used to extend the flavor and nutrition of other high-cost ingredients, such as dried tree fruits, nuts and cereals.