Today, 800 growers and 28 packers produce the finest prunes on earth.

Michael Vasey in prune orchard during dormant season

Our core competency is growing large, high-quality prunes.

Michael Vasey
California Prune Grower

Red Bluff, California

Mitchell Family- Prune Growers

Prunes are mother nature at her best. This is her finest work.

Sandra Mitchell
California Prune Grower

Yuba City, California

Prune growers at an event

I truly believe in this product. I believe it is a super fruit, and I’m putting in more acreage little by little.

Nick Micheli
California Prune Grower

Yuba City, California

Grower John Taylor in prune orchard at harvest

There’s a lot of tenacity in a farmer’s spirit.

John Taylor
California Prune Grower

Yuba City, California

Chef and prune grower Joe Mitchell

California Prunes are a magical fruit that people just don’t know enough about.

Joe Mitchell
California Prune Grower
Culinary Institute of America trained chef

Sutter, California

Joe (prune grower) in prune orchard

I grow California Prunes because I really enjoy seeing something productive come from years of work. It feels good. You get pumped up.

Joe Turkovich
California Prune Grower

Winters, California