Today, 600 growers and 27 packers produce the finest prunes on earth.

California Prune growers steward more than 40,000 acres of land and generations of growers across the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys have brought craftsmanship to cultivating their trees with the best orchard management practices in order to produce consistently delicious prunes. Meet some of those growers below!

Ranvir & Ryan - plum prune growers

“I think the practices of the growers is what really makes California agriculture what it is today. It’s the passion that’s put into growing them, it’s the nurturing and the trying to get the best product out to the consumer.”

Ranvir Singh

Feather River Farms
Marysville, California


“I am a third-generation California prune farmer and I am continuing the legacy my grandparents started over 60 years ago. Now, I enjoy seeing things come full circle as I pass on the same farming experience to my young children.”

Felicia Alverez, third-generation prune grower

California Prune Grower
Live Oak, California

Felicia - plum prune grower
John - plum prune grower

“We’re always learning. We want to hopefully pass this down to our children, that they will follow suit too and be as sustainable and do all the right things for the – with our earth.”

John Taylor, third-generation prune grower

Taylor Brothers Farms
Yuba City, California


“Prunes are mother nature at her best. This is her finest work.”

Sandra Mitchell

California Prune Grower
Yuba City, California

Sandra - plum prune grower
Joe - plum prune grower

“I grow California Prunes because I really enjoy seeing something productive come from years of work. It feels good. You get pumped up.”

Joe Turkovich

California Prune Grower
Winters, California


“Harvest is a one-month process but for 12 months we are caring for these trees and they’re growing a perfect fruit.”

Gary Thiara, third-generation prune grower

California Prune Grower
Yuba City, California

Gary - plum prune grower

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