The World Comes to California for Prunes

There’s no better place on earth to grow prunes than the lush valleys of California, where the trees reach into soils nourished by ancient rivers and up to an endless sun.

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The Wonders of California Prunes

California Prunes are naturally nutritious and surprisingly versatile.
Convenient Snack
A portable, satisfying snack for all ages
Low Glycemic Index
No added sugar = great natural sweetener
Gut Effective
Soluble and insoluble fiber help maintain good digestive health
Bone Protective
Boron, potassium, and Vitamin K help support bone health
Polyphenol Powerhouse
Polyphenols act as antioxidants
Always in Season
Year-round pantry staple
Prunes on a gray background

One-of-a-Kind Flavor. Endless Options. 

California Prunes bring a fresh taste to savory dishes or a rich and creamy nuance to baked goods. Try them whole, diced, or pureed with proteins and grains, on salads and cereals, and in sauces and sweets.

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Farro with California Prunes, Butternut Squash & Pecans
Prunes being harvested

Hand Cultivated, Precision Dried

California Prune growers take care to produce only the biggest, sweetest plums. Then they dry them with precision and care unheard of anywhere else. Every step before, during, and after is a lesson in craftsmanship.

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In the Orchards Now...

California Prune harvest is underway and our growers are hard at work! Each orchard is harvested at peak perfection to ensure the perfect balance of sugar and acidity. Soon the fruit will be dried into the prunes we know and love!
Fresh Plums being picked in the orchard
Prunes on drying racks
Two farmers in their orchard
Photo of a family in the back of the truck within a prune orchard

Experts in Their Field

Generations of growers have brought expert craftsmanship to growing California Prunes that surpasses the most stringent agricultural standards of any other nation. In the process, they have created an unrivaled heritage of pride and premium quality.

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