California Prunes check the box for: taste, versatility, and health.

Why Prunes?

California Prunes offer an endless array of applications whether whole, chopped & diced, as puree, paste, concentrate, juice, or powder. They offer surprising versatility as an ingredient and can go from sweet to savory. Consumers are looking for great tase and added health benefits in their food. California Prunes deliver a fresh, sweet, and smooth flavor that pairs well with a variety of flavor profiles. High in fiber and vitamin K, rich in antioxidants, and no fat, prune nutrition powers consumers throughout their daily activities.

California Prune Juice

The best prunes on earth make the best prune juice on earth

California Prune Juice offers a consistency and taste that is simply unmatched. Discover how prune juice made from California Prunes is the ultimate in quality, taste, and nutrition.

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Food Manufacturing

The California Prune industry can supply the following prune products: bulk prunes, canned prunes, diced prunes, prune bits, prune paste, prune puree, prune butter, prune juice/concentrate, and prune powder.

California Prunes are available in a range of derivative products.

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Looking to add California Prunes to your menu or product creation?

Supply & Procurement
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Be Inspired: Flavor Pairings & Cooking Tips

California Prunes taste—and pair—like no other prunes in the world. Their delectable, fresh and sweet taste and rich, smooth mouthfeel enhances savory and sweet dishes alike.

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Discover New Pairings

California Prunes + Butternut Squash = Earthy, Neutral, Sweet, Vegetal, Autumnal

California Prunes taste and pair like no other prunes in the world. Try using them in savory and sweet dishes to explore their versatility.

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Prunes for Schools

A smart move for school menus, California Prunes are a healthful, natural snack and ingredient option for improving overall menu nutrition and flavor.

For more information on how to incorporate California Prunes into your school foodservice, continue reading here.

Prunes for Healthcare Foodservice Professionals

California Prunes and California Prune juice have been recommended by healthcare nutritionists and nurse practitioners and served by health care foodservice professionals for decades.

To learn more about the benefits that California Prunes can provide for healthcare foodservice professional, explore here.

The Many Benefits of Prunes

California Prunes are ideal for foodservice operators of all sizes. Here are just a few reasons to choose California Prunes for menu applications:

  • Shelf-stable
  • Fresh and sweet
  • Reliable consistency
  • Rich, smooth mouthfeel
  • Enhance savory and sweet dishes
  • Umami characteristics
  • Maintains moisture in baked goods
  • Nutritious alternative to artificial ingredients
  • Excellent holding power—ideal for catering and buffet applications

Continuing Education Modules

Our Teaching Modules offer hands-on guidance on how to work with prunes as an ingredient and offer the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Hours (CEH) through the American Culinary Federation.

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