Bowl of prunes on cutting board with fresh strawberries and raspberries, spinach and a glass of milk

Are Prunes Good for You?

Prunes are a good-for-you snack that offers a wealth of nutrients and health benefits related to…

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Cozy Cold Weather Meals and Snacks Using Prunes

That low-key bag of California Prunes in the pantry is often underestimated as an addition to cold…

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Prunes scattered on a cutting board with bowls of walnuts and seasonings placed off to the side

The Gut Microbiome-Bone Health Connection and a Role for Prunes

Creating a microbiome environment that promotes the growth of “good” microorganisms requires a diet…

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a black pot with a bowl of Beans Marbella

Healthy and Delicious Dinner Ideas

Start adding more California Prunes to your meals with these healthy family dinner ideas from some…

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Prune Juice: A Nutritional Elixir for Digestive Health

Prune juice has numerous recognized health benefits including positive effects on digestion, bone…

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bowl of prunes. Prune puree is the base for this chocolate truffle recipe

Everything You Need to Know About Dried Prunes

Prunes are simply dried plums, offering essential nutrients, health benefits, and culinary…

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