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California Prunes are available in a variety of derivatives to compliment any recipe or menu needs. Check with your prune distributor to order a specific format for your specifications.

Although all prunes are plums, not all plums can be prunes. California Prunes are the “Improved French” variety of plums, an offshoot of La Petit d’Agen, a plum native to Southwest France. California Prune growers have invested more than 150 years in perfecting the growing and harvesting techniques required to deliver the ultimate premium prune recognized throughout the world for its legendary flavor and quality. Today there are nearly 46,000 acres of California Prune orchards concentrated in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. With 99% of the prunes in the U.S. being grown in California, you are likely already using California Prunes, but be sure to check with your supplier and look for the California Prunes logo.

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Each of the individuals and organizations that we work with are dedicated to providing the finest prunes on earth.

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California Prunes offer a line of natural, multifunctional products that improve and add value to a wide range of industrial-scale formulas. Available in both wet and dry forms, prunes and prune ingredients can replace fat, reduce sugar, enhance flavor, prolong shelf life and more.



The California Prune Board supports technical and market research that discovers the effects of dried plums on enhancing food and beverage products.

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