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Just in Time: Prunes May Help Rein in Holiday Cravings, According to New Research
New Study: Prunes Have Promising Effect on Men’s Bone Health, Adding to Growing Body of Research
California Prunes Celebrates Prune Growers for California Farmer and Farmworker Month
New Study: Eating Prunes Daily Improves Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women
Stable Conditions Set the Pace for California’s Premium Prunes
California Prune Board Leads Project to Address Non-Tariff Barriers for Nuts & Dried Fruit
New Study: A Diet High in Prunes Prevents Bone Loss Associated with Spinal Cord Injuries
California Prune Board Announces 2020-2022 Officers and Board Members
Press Statement: California Prune Board Sees High-Quality Fruit in Short Crop Year for 2020 Harvest
California Prune Board Projects 2020/2021 Crop Ahead of Harvest
Delivering Value and Building Momentum: California Prune Board Authorized to Continue for Another Five Years
2020 MRL Harmonization Workshop Webinar, May 27-28
California Prune Orchards Record Full Bloom
California Prunes Featured in New Fourpoints® Tactical Line
California Prune Board to Exhibit at Gulfood 2020
California Prune Board Committed to Chinese Customers Despite Coronavirus
California Prune Board Strengthens Trade Ties with China
California Prunes Shine in Fourpoints® Energy Bars
Harvest the Unexpected: California Prunes Partner with Sunset Magazine
California Prunes Introduces New Brand to Inspire All to Choose California for Prunes
California Prune Board Announces Results of 2018 Election
Organic Farming, Strong Family Traditions Grounds Prune Farmer John Taylor
Prune Power to Help UK Hit Increased Fibre Intake Requirements


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