a bowl of the Best Dipping Sauce on a plate with crackers

The Best Dipping Sauce Ever

Our friends at Simply Darrling have come up with the Best Dipping Sauce Ever - perfect for…

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a cast iron pan of baked focaccia

Rosemary, Prosciutto, and Prune Focaccia

Our friend Kyle Kuklewski's Rosemary, Prosciutto, and Prune Focaccia bread is loaded with fabulous…

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Cubes of Fall Veggies on a Sheet Pan

Fall Roasted Vegetables with Prunes + Prosciutto

Enjoy fall's best flavors in this simple sheet pan recipe for roasted vegetables with California…

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a plate of prune energy balls, aka Right Bites

Right Bites: Chocolate Energy Balls

Prunes enhance the flavors in these Chocolate Energy Balls! You'll love this healthy, grab-and-go…

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black plate with a piece of toast covered with ricotta, prune jam, peanuts and microgreens

Ricotta Toast with California Prune Jam

This ricotta toast tastes like the most decadent, open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich…

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Healthy Halloween Treats: a black plate of Raw Witches Fingers

Easy Halloween Treats: Raw Witches Fingers

Our Raw Witches Fingers are delightfully easy Halloween treats. These bars will bewitch children…

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Devils on Horseback - Prunes stuffed with Goat cheese and wrapped in bacon Hand reaching to grab a bacon wrapped prune

Devils on Horseback

These California-Style Devils on Horseback from Georgeanne Brennan are the star of any appetizer…

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a bowl full of Charred Carrots with Prune Miso Dip for carrots Prune Dinner at Hawk's Public House in Sacramento

Prune Miso Dip – The Best Dip for Carrots

Why is this Prune Miso Dip the best dip for carrots? This savory Prune Miso Dip for carrots is full…

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a close up of Prune Basil and Mozzarella Skewers

Prune, Basil and Mozzarella Skewers

Prune, Basil and Mozzarella Skewers are a deliciously powerful combo - they're loaded with…

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Goat Cheese Strudel slices

Prune and Goat Cheese Strudel

Try our healthier strudel recipe! Prunes and goat cheese rolled in puff pastry are baked until…

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