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three glasses of Tropical Prune Juice Smoothie

The Best Tropical Smoothie Recipe

This Tropical Smoothie recipe is the perfect snack or quick breakfast on the go - transporting you…

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two glasses of super pink smoothies with a straw in it

Pink Super Smoothie

This fun, bright Super Pink Smoothie is loaded with sweet-tart raspberries and strawberries and (of…

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slices of Spiced Prune Snack Cake

Spiced Prune Snack Cake

This delicious spiced prune snack cake gets an added dose of healthy sweetness from California…

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a hand reaching for Sesame Seed California Prune Balls on a piece of parchment paper

Healthy Energy Balls with Sesame Seeds

These bone-building, simple, and portable healthy energy balls pack delicious flavor and a ton of…

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Naturally-Sweetened Hummus

You'll love this unique spin on classic hummus. It's the perfect snack that will have your friends…

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a glass full of a Pink Power Smoothie

Pink Power Smoothie: Berry Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Our Pink Power Smoothie is paleo-friendly and refreshingly delicious. It’s the perfect way to fuel…

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Vegan Salami slices on a plate with crackers and cheese

Peppered Vegan Salami Recipe

Our friend Jerry James Stone developed this creative recipe for Peppered Vegan "Salami"- the…

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a knife holding a slice of Old-Fashioned Prune Cake

Old-Fashioned Prune Cake

If you think you don't like prunes, we dare you to try this Old-Fashioned Prune Cake. One bite of…

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a woman pulling a spoon of prune puree out of a jar

How to Make Prune Purée

If you're trying to create healthier recipes, Prune Purée can enhance cakes, cookies, muffins,…

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sliced California Prune Energy Bars on a striped towel

Homemade California Prune Energy Bars

Prunes make the perfect naturally sweet base for homemade energy bars – offering tons of…

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