Sandra Mitchell

Mitchell Ranch | Yuba City, California

“Prunes are mother nature at her best. This is her finest work.”

Sandra - plum prune grower

Sandra Mitchell is a California farmer in the fertile Northern California valley in Sutter County. She farms with her husband Neill and son Joseph. The farm consists of 500 acres of prunes, walnuts, and peaches, a prune dehydrator, and a walnut huller. Their family farming operation is dedicated to growing the best quality fruits and nuts for the market. The operation processes all the prunes and walnuts produced on the farm in the dehydrator plant located on a parcel that was purchased by Neill Mitchell’s mother and father in 1952.

Sandra is involved in all aspects of the farming operation and is active with Mitchell Dryers, the farm’s prune dehydration, and walnut hulling dryer.  She is a member of the California Prune Board, the California Walnut Commission, Prune Bargaining Association, and the California Farm Bureau. Sandra currently sits on the California Prune Board Executive Committee, Nutrition Research and Export committees, and the California Walnut Commission Diversity committee.

As a California prune grower, Sandra spends her time educating people about how eating a few delicious prunes a day can have many health benefits: rich in antioxidants, loaded with fiber, and research studies have shown prunes may help prevent bone loss and preserve bones.

In Sandra’s spare time, she enjoys being with her family and five grandchildren and playing golf.

two slices of Old Fashioned Prune Cake

Sandie’s Old Fashioned Prune Cake

What’s a prune farmer’s favorite way to eat prunes? Well, for Sandra Mitchell and her family, the choice is easy: this Old-Fashioned Prune Cake recipe takes the (ahem) cake. A soft, prune-studded spice cake is covered in a buttery-sweet glaze that has everyone going back for another slice (or two.)