California Prunes are the not-so-secret ingredients that make everything from appetizers and salads to entrées and desserts irresistible—and good for you, too!

Slices of Peter Sidwell's Prune + Squash Gingerbread

A Healthier Gingerbread Recipe

Celebrate the holiday season with a healthier gingerbread recipe! This holiday treat is moist,…

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a stack of sliced of Banana Bread on a napkin with a knife

A Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Peter Sidwell uses prune purée in his healthy Banana Bread recipe, which adds a gorgeous caramel…

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two halves of Homemade Sourdough Bread stacked on top of each other

A Surprising Sourdough Bread Recipe

There's something so special about this sourdough bread recipe. That crust, the sourness, and the…

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Acai Bowl California Prunes and fresh fruit - pineapple, berries and coconut- with a spoon

Acai Bowl with California Prunes

Have you ever tried an acai bowl? If you're looking for a nutritious breakfast that won't leave you…

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Nine slices of Almond Coffee Cake on parchment paper

Almond Crumble Coffee Cake

The scent of cardamom and luscious California Prunes make this coffee cake by Georgeanne Brennan a…

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pumpkin bread recipe, finished loaf with butter on a slice

Amarel Family’s Amazing Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Fall is pumpkin-everything season, and this Pumpkin Bread recipe is sure to become a must-have all…

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a tin full of Incredible Pecan Sticky Buns

An Incredible Pecan Sticky Buns Recipe

Plain old cinnamon rolls can step aside - this fluffy Sticky Buns recipe buns is loaded with pecans…

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a plate of Baked Apples Stuffed with Raisins, pecans, prunes, ginger, brown sugar, butter and spices

Baked Apples Stuffed with California Prunes

Inspired by ZoëBakes, these Baked Apples are a cozy treat for cooler weather. Each is stuffed with…

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two bowls of Breakfast Oat Pudding

California Prune Breakfast Oat Pudding

This Breakfast Oat Pudding recipe is easy on your tastebuds and your morning routine, thanks to…

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a sliced loaf of Chocolate California Prune and Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

California prunes and whole wheat flour make this Chocolate Chip Banana Bread by Chef Peter Sidwell…

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Chocolate Fudge Raw Bar slices on parchment paper

Chocolate Fudge Raw Bar

Our Chocolate Fudge Raw Bar is a healthy on-the-go snack! Warning: these bars tend to disappear…

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Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie on a white plate with chocolate covered strawberry garnish

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie : Layered Smoothie Recipe!

If you love chocolate-covered strawberries, you’ll love this Layered Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie…

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Bone Health Trail Mix

Dr. Arjmandi’s Bone Health Trail Mix

A mix of salty, sweet and crunchy, Dr. Arjmandi’s Bone Health Trail Mix makes building strong bones…

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a bowl of grain free granola and yogurt

Grain-Free Homemade Granola

What's the best way to enjoy our Grain-Free Homemade Granola with Prunes? With a bowl of yogurt,…

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a cupcake tin full of Pumpkin Muffins (originally called plumkins)

Healthier Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin muffins are our favorite fall treat. Our friend Leslie Bonci used prune purée to create a…

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a bowl of Christmas granola with striped ribbon and greenery

Holiday Granola with California Prunes

This holiday granola is perfect for gifting - if you're willing to share. Bonus - it will make your…

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Homemade Apple & Prune Pop Tarts with sprinkles snapped in half

Homemade Apple & Prune Pop Tarts

This Homemade Apple & Prune Pop Tart recipe takes the hand pie-for-breakfast from it's stale, boxed…

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slices of cardamom pecan prune bread

Homemade Bread with Prunes, Pecans and Cardamom

Sorry, sourdough. Homemade Bread, with Prunes, Pecans + Cardamom is where it’s at. This lovely loaf…

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