As neighbors north of the border, Canadians favor products specifically from California, especially when commodities are not locally produced in Canada.

Because of California’s high standards on food safety, food handling and overall quality and consistency, California prunes are their number one choice. In addition, adjustments were recently made to Canada’s Food Guide, placing a stronger emphasis on plant-based diets. This creates tremendous opportunity for California prunes across different life-stages, particularly among health-conscious millennials – making Canada a very desirable market.

Popular Uses

Similar to Americans, the natural foods category is becoming increasingly popular among Canadians.  Healthy, natural snacks that are satiating, like trail mix (dried fruit and mixed nuts), energy balls/bars/smoothies, continue to win with consumers on-the-go, and health-conscious individuals and families.

Local Events

Canadian consumers and healthcare professionals are constantly on the look-out for healthy foods and health trends, which are commonly introduced at large conferences and shows like: The National Women’s Show, Dietitians of Canada, and Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – all of which California prunes has participated in.

Through valuable partnerships with credible third-party voice (i.e. HCPs, influencers, foodies and chefs), Canadians seek advice from these individuals on how to enjoy or cook with California prunes during key times throughout the year: hearty fall meals, holiday baking, new year resolutions and spring/summer BBQ’ing.

Cultural Significance

Canadians, especially younger audiences like millennials, are more open to California prunes given its array of health and nutrition benefits.  Gut health is trending in popularity, and more uses are being discovered for every day snacking with California prunes!

It’s important to note that Canada is a bilingual country where English and French are the official languages.  French Canadians are a distinct cultural group and they enjoy the rich, flavorful taste of prunes, often using them in sauces and baking. In addition to French Canadians, Canada is a mix of many different cultures who enjoy prunes on many occasions.

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