Italians love food and quality ingredients and, thanks to the culture of the Mediterranean diet, they are particularly prone to consume fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Moreover, they are increasingly careful to consume natural foods and healthy snacks, to reduce daily sugar consumption and to favor dishes that combine the excellent taste of ingredients with personal well-being.

Tartare Di Daino Emulsione

Popular Uses

California Prunes are a great snack for those who practice sports and want to charge themselves during or even after their training. Moreover, thanks to their great versatility and naturally sweet taste, California Prunes are an excellent ingredient for creating innovative, sweet and savory recipes suitable for all seasons.

Local Events

Race for the Cure is the yearly run event organized in Rome and in other Italian cities dedicated to breast cancer awareness. California Prunes participated as a sponsor in 2018 and organized a workshop dedicated to nutrition. Product samples were distributed at the end of the races to all the participants.

TuttoFood is one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to food in Italy and it takes place every year in Milan. In 2019 California Prunes took part with a dedicated booth and the workshop “Food Innovation: the unexpected pairings with California Prunes” held by the Chef Peter Sidwell.

Cultural Significance

Prunes are appreciated in meat-based dishes – roasts, stews – where their sweetness enhances the taste of meat, especially game. They are also recognized as a “natural” ingredient in breakfast, along with cereals, yogurt and citrus juices. The benefits of prunes as facilitators of good intestinal functioning have long been recognized by consumer and particularly appreciated by women.