Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Antioxidant Capacities of Common Foods in the United States

JOURNAL: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  52, no. 12 (2004): 4026-4037

AUTHORS: Wu, X., Beecher G.R., Holden, J.M., Haytowitz, D.B., Gebhardt, S.E. and Prior, R.L.

Lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidant capacities were determined by the ORACfl assay on more than 100 different kinds of foods. Total antioxidant capacity (TAC) was calculated by combining L-ORACfl and H-ORACfl. Total phenolics were also measured; 85 grams (½ cup) prunes has a TAC of 7,291/serving. (NOTE: This reference is used for the TAC value for dried plums, replacing the ORAC value as reported in the February 1999 issue of Agricultural Research, the USDA/ARS magazine).