three slices of somewhat simple's oatmeal breakfast bars stacked on a plate

Oatmeal Bars with Prunes, Coconut & Chocolate Chips

These crisp and chewy one-bowl oatmeal bars are packed with delicious ingredients + are super easy…

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Creamy Prune Caramel Mocha Pops covered in chocolate and coated in nuts on a tray of ice

Creamy Prune Caramel Mocha Pops

These Creamy Prune Caramel Mocha Pops taste like your favorite caramel mocha, thanks to the deep…

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pieces of prune and hazelnut biscotti

Prune and Hazelnut Biscotti Recipe

Delicious biscotti, dunked in a cup of coffee while sitting out in the sun…perfection! California…

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a white cocktail plate piled high with bacon wrapped prunes

Bacon-Wrapped Prunes with Artichoke Hearts

Introducing your new favorite finger food: Bacon-Wrapped Prunes with Artichoke Hearts. They're a…

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