Prune Juice

California Prune Juice is ripe for the choosing when it comes to health, wellness, and local sourcing.

California Prune juice offers 5 essential vitamins and minerals to maintain good digestive health, which is the #1 reason that consumers seek out prune juice.

Why California Prune Juice?

Only California invests in nutrition and crop research to expand our knowledge and improve fruit quality. The best prune juice is made from plump sweet prunes, which is California’s specialty. It takes the best prunes in the world to make the best tasting prune juice, and that’s why California matters.

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The Best Juice With All the Benefits Comes from California

Prune juice – made from plums grown in California Prune orchards – offers no adulteration with a sweet taste and all the functional benefits that support optimum health. Download the PDF to learn more about the premium choice for prune juice.

Get the Juicy Details

Ensure Your Prune Juice Comes from California

Take it from Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru: California Prune Juice is the only prune juice that provides consistent reliability with no adulteration, ensuring a naturally sweet taste and delivering on the functionality you’re looking for. Check out the video below to learn more.

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Recipe Inspiration

California Prune Juice is naturally sweet and slightly tart with notes of honey and caramel. Beyond enjoying a serving each day for its natural health benefits, try adding to everyday recipes from smoothies to cocktails.

Discover More About California Prune Nutrition

For all the latest in prune nutrition, visit the California Prunes Wellness Hub for researching findings, surprising facts and figures, and so much more.

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