California Prunes taste—and pair—like no other prunes in the world. Their delectable, fresh and sweet taste and rich, smooth mouthfeel enhances savory and sweet dishes alike.

Pairing Flavor Profiles

  1. California Prunes + Walnuts = Earthy, Tannins, Bitter, Fatty
  2. California Prunes + Miso = Fermented, Salty, Sweet
  3. California Prunes + Anchovy = Umami, Salty, Sweet, Savory, Earthy
  4. California Prunes + Ginger = Earthy, Spicy, Winter, Zingy
  5. California Prunes + Feta = Tart, Salty, Creamy, Briny, Umami
  6. California Prunes + Squash = Earthy, Neutral, Sweet, Vegetal, Autumnal

Featured Prune Pairings

Cooking Tips

Whole, diced, or pureed, California Prunes go with proteins and grains, on salads and cereals, and in sauces and baked goods. Here are some tips for incorporating prunes into dishes every day.

Snack on them

California Prunes are delicious straight from the bag or box. They are portable, convenient, and require no prep work or refrigeration. Keep a bag in your car, office, pantry and gym bag to always have some fruit on hand.

Pair them with unexpected ingredients

From dark chocolate to craft beer, miso to anchovies, California Prunes pair perfectly with a wide array of ingredients. They not only lend a delicious sweetness, but a “meaty” texture, which makes plant-based dishes more satisfying.

Use them as a sugar swap

The natural sweetness of prunes make them a perfect ingredient for reducing sugar in recipes. Try adding diced prunes to baked goods for a chewy pop of sweetness, reduce prune juice for a sweet and versatile glaze for meats or vegetables, or add some prune puree to sauces and dressings to balance acidic flavors.

Add them to recipes for extra moisture, and as an oil replacement

Because of the natural moisture and fiber content in prunes, adding prune puree to baked goods results in a product that is more moist, even with reduced oil – without sacrificing flavor. From cookies to cakes, and even meat dishes like meatballs, burgers and meatloaf, prunes can be your secret ingredient for making dishes with the perfect texture.