Additionally, California Prunes deliver a fresh, sweet, and smooth flavor unlike any other prune in the world. They offer surprising versatility as an ingredient and can go from sweet to savory, and from breakfast to lunch to dinner. They are available whole, chopped, and diced, and as bits, puree, paste, concentrate, juice, and powder, for a range of delicious applications.    

The Many Benefits of Prunes

California Prunes are ideal for foodservice operators of all sizes. Here are just a few reasons to choose California Prunes for menu applications:

  • Shelf stable
  • Fresh and sweet
  • Reliable consistency
  • Rich, smooth mouthfeel
  • Enhance savory and sweet dishes
  • Deliver umami characteristics
  • Maintains moistures in baked goods
  • Nutritious alternative to artificial ingredients
  • Excellent holding power—ideal for catering and buffet applications

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