The Short-Term Effects of Prunes in Preventing Inflammation and Improving Indices of Bone Health in Osteopenic Men

JOURNAL: Nutrients. 2022 Jan; 14(2): 276.

AUTHORS: Bahram Arjmandi, Kelli George, Lauren Ormsbee, Neda Akhavan, Joseph Munoz1, Elizabeth Foley, and Shalom Siebert

Osteoporosis is a public health concern for both women and men. Chronic inflammation contributes to bone loss; therefore, foods rich in antioxidants, such as prunes, are of great interest. Previously, dietary intervention with prunes has been shown to prevent orchidectomy-induced decreases in BMD, microstructure, and biomechanics in male rats; however, there is a need for this to be studied in a clinical setting in adult males.