LC/ES-MS Detection of Hydroxycinnamates in Human Plasma and Urine

JOURNAL: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49, no. 4 (2001): 1747-1750

AUTHORS: Cremin, P., Kasim-Karakas, S. and Waterhouse, A.L.

Hydroxycinnamates are present in high concentration in prunes. Little is known about the absorption and metabolism of these compounds and their metabolites after consumption of normal foods. This study developed a sensitive method using HPLC with electrospray mass spectrometric detection to measure caffeic, ferulic and chlorogenic acids in human plasma and urine. The method was tested on samples from volunteers consuming a single dose of 100 grams of prunes, and increased levels were observed, demonstrating that the method is capable of detecting changes in hydroxycinnamate levels from dietary intake