Effects of Dried Plum (Prunes) on Bone Density and Strength in Men

JOURNAL: Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 4, Issue Supplement_2, June 2020, Page 21.

AUTHORS: Jonnatan Fajardo, Danielle Gaffen, Ashley Eisner, Mark Kern, and Shirin Hooshmand

Traditionally, osteoporosis has been viewed as a disease mostly affecting women, but cases in men are increasing. Fractures due to osteoporosis can lead to a decreased quality of life in vulnerable populations and lead to increased mortality in men. Although several studies of male and female animals and adult women have demonstrated bone protective effects of dried plum (prunes), no human study has evaluated the effect of dried plum on bone health in men. The objective of the current study was to examine the long-term effects of 100 g dried plum on bone density and strength in men.