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Bowl of Prune and Farro Salad Recipe with Zesty Herb Vinaigrette with wooden spoon

Farro Salad Recipe with Prunes & Zesty Herb Vinaigrette

This farro salad recipe is packed with fresh ingredients and tossed together with a zesty herb…

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Pear and fennel salad on a plate

Pear, Prune and Fennel Salad

This Pear, Prune, and Fennel Salad is brimming with good-for-you ingredients, yet so satisfyingly…

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a cast iron skillet full of Naturally Sweetened Baked Beans Recipe with California Prune BBQ Sauce

Naturally Sweetened Baked Beans Recipe

This baked beans recipe from Alison Needham is nearly as easy as jazzed-up canned baked beans but…

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