Creamy Goat Cheese, Crispy Prosciutto & Balsamic Glazed Prune Flatbreads

Prep time: 15 minutes 

Cook time: 10 minutes 

Yield: 4 flatbreads

Servings: 8-12  


Servings: 9-12


10 California Prunes, diced small 

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 

6 slices prosciutto 

4 personal sized flatbreads 

8 tablespoons creamy goat cheese  

8-12 fresh basil leaves 

flaky sea salt and coarse ground black pepper to taste 


Preheat oven to broil and line a baking sheet with foil. 

In a small bowl toss together the prunes and balsamic vinegar. Set aside. 

Place the prosciutto on the prepared baking sheet and broil until crispy, about 4-5 minutes. Set aside.  

Toast the flatbreads in the oven, under the broiler on a pan or directly on the rack for 5 minutes, flipping halfway through.   

To assemble, spread the goat cheese over the toasted flatbreads, layer on the balsamic glazed prunes, then top with large pieces of crispy prosciutto, and a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves. Season to taste with salt and pepper.