Looking to Mitigate Menopause Symptoms? These Foods Could Help

Nutrients that could change the way you experience this period.

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Nutrition Now: Bone Health

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month, making it a great time to talk about diet tips to support bone health.

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Prunes Aren’t Just for Your Grandparents: Here’s Why You Should Add Prunes to Your Diet

Prunes aren’t just for those who need to get things moving. We’re sharing the deets on the benefits of adding prunes to your diet.

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5 Ingenious Ways to Cook With Prunes

Prune puree isn’t the only way to enjoy this healthy fruit. These creative twists using prunes will show you how to use the naturally sweet fruit in a variety of new ways!

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California Prunes receives ‘Bone Health Approved’ status from Royal Osteoporosis Society

The California Prune Board is proud to announce that California Prunes has received "Bone Health Approved" status from the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) in the UK.

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California Prune Board advances study of prunes and bone health via research program

The California Prune Board (CPB) is leading the way in investigating a connection between prunes and favorable bone through a growing body of evidence spanning two decades.

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Exploring the “prune effect” – nutrition research delves into the bone health benefits of prunes

In a new scientific review, researchers from Pennsylvania State University examined the relationships between bone health, oxidative stress, inflammation, gut health, and prune consumption.

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7 Food Staples to Add to Your Fitness-Focused Diet

Trust us, your workouts (and overall health) will thank you.

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Reasons to Eat Processed Food, According to a Dietitian

Not all processed foods have to disappear from your plate. Some can help you eat healthfully and under budget.

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The Untold Truth Of Prunes

From a marketing makeover in California to the resurfacing of classic recipes from France, Japan, Morocco, and beyond, prunes are finally getting the acclaim they've long deserved.

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