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How To Sweeten Desserts With Fruit Instead of Sugar

TITLE: How To Sweeten Desserts With Fruit Instead of Sugar
EXCERPT: Prunes are our go-to fruit for replacing sugar with fruit. Prune puree adds desirable characteristics like browning and a high level of antioxidants to baked goods; these antioxidant phenols can naturally stabilize baked goods, keeping them fresher.
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Delicious Ways to Sweeten Desserts with California Prunes

Did you know that you can use prune purée in place of sugar in your favorite baking recipes? It’s true! Swapping prune purée is a healthier way to add natural sweetness to your favorite desserts!

A slice of Gluten-free, grain-free chocolate cake with a fudge drizzle

Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Fudge Cake

An incredibly rich & delicious gluten-free and grain-free chocolate fudge cake recipe that’s naturally sweetened by Meg of This Mess is Ours. Chocolate lovers, prepare to meet your new favorite cake.

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

These Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies from Becky Sue at Baking the Goods are all you’ve ever wanted in a brownie recipe, and so much more. Becky loves using fruit to sweeten desserts – prune puree replaces much of the sugar in this brownie recipe.

Peanut Butter brownies are sweetened with prune puree instead of sugar
Nice cream is sweetened with fruit instead of sugar

Nice cream: like ice cream but “nicer” (because it’s sweetened with Prunes) 

Made with good-for-you ingredients like bananas, pure cocoa, and (of course) California Prunes, this is one sweet treat you can feel good about serving.