Board Member Orientation Documents – An Introduction

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Export Committee Meeting | 2023-11-09

2023-24 Marketing Plans: As we are do annually, the 2023-24 Export marketing plans have now been distributed to yourselves as well as the wider Industry (links are below again for your convenience).  These documents provide an outline of the overall tactics for each market, however, also available are more in-depth versions of these documents that include full measurements tables – for anyone who would like to receive those, in addition, please reach out to me directly at

2022-23 Q4 Reporting: As we finalize last year’s marketing activation measurements;  in preparation for our data analysis for yourselves as well as for our separate end of year reporting for FAS, I wanted to share with you 2022-23 Q4 Reporting in our Generic focus markets of Canada, China/HK, Italy, Japan, and UK (links are also below for your convenience) .