Following the success of the California Prunes Experience that took place in September, California Prunes has continued its partnership with Sunset magazine to showcase the versatility and flavor profile of California Prunes.

In collaboration with chefs, Kat Turner and Daniele Uditi, Sunset has released recipe videos that cast California Prunes as the star of three stunning dishes. The videos, posted on Sunset magazine’s website, have thus far reached an audience of nearly 800,000. These numbers, in combination with Sunset’s Pantry Newsletter, e-blast, online article, and social media posts have delivered a total audience of 1.8 million consumers who have engaged with this custom content series highlighting California Prunes.

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In addition to the ongoing collaboration with Sunset, the 22 lifestyle, wellness, and culinary social media influencers who attended the California Prunes Experience have taken what they learned home to create unique recipes and content on behalf of California Prunes. Irvin Lin of the popular food blog Eat the Love was inspired to create a savory Moroccan-style Lamb Tagine with California Prunes, while Peyton Pratte of Choosing Balance embraced the sweetness of the fruit with her Chocolate Avocado California Prune Brownies. In total, the blog posts and social media content created by the influencers has reached an audience of 3.2 million and counting. Starting in January 2020, the ambassadors will create more posts featuring recipes, snacking tips, photos, videos and more to show their followers their favorite ways to enjoy California Prunes each day.

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