California Prune Industry Standing Together

Food & Agriculture has never been more important and together we are all an essential part of the supply chain that feeds and nourishes our communities around the globe. The California Prune Board is adapting to changes in daily operations as many in our industry are doing as well. We remain focused on staying nimble and providing information and resources that bridge continuity and being prepared for the future.

This page offers a variety of resources that will inform you about how to be best prepared in your operations as well as insight on what California Prunes is doing to pivot amid new updates each week.

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Keeping Your Workers Safe

It is a critical time to protect your employees, especially if your crew is traveling from another worksite or harvest. Use the links below to stay informed of current health safety guidelines as well as future opportunities for reimbursements.

  • The CDFA has compiled a list of free and up-to-date worker safety resources.
  • This document can be posted and shared with employees and offers straightforward advice on how to prevent, educate, and respond to COVID-19.
  • This document reinforces and broadens the education component by highlighting what actions have worked best in the field for farmworker education.
COVID-19 Resource Center

Safety Tips in English and Spanish

Throughout the state, the California Department of Public Health is offering new public education resources, specifically with the needs of the farmworker community in mind. The materials are available in both Spanish and English versions and are ready for download and distribution below.

Safety Guidance – Tips for Traveling Safely to Work and Staying Safe Upon Return to Home
Infographic: English or Spanish

COVID-19 – Basic Safety Tips
Infographic: English or Spanish

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Financial Relief Updates

California Prunes are now included within the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP 2). The program authorizes an additional $14 billion to a variety of agricultural sectors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. More information and a link to the restructured grower assistance payment program offered by the Trump Administration is included here. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also provides a CFAP 2 FAQ with additional information about the program, including eligibility details and payment calculations.

The CFAP 2 application process is open now through December 11, 2020. If you need assistance, please work with your local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office to submit your application as soon as possible. Applications must be submitted via FSA.

Financial Help Resources

We are Here to Help

For specific questions or needs about navigating COVID-19 from a communications perspective. At all times – and especially now – please consider the California Prune Board team as a resource to you. We can discuss your specific situation, as well as connect you with other communications experts who can help as needed. Please reach Kiaran Locy at [email protected] to discuss tools, resources and support that may be helpful to you.

To that end, please download the Essential Employee Designation Letter templates (in English and Spanish) below for your use. You are welcome to adapt and share with your employees who may require proof of their essential employment status.

Please see the enclosed link to the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Labor on COVID-19 prevention and control in agricultural settings (issued June 3, 2020).

COVID-19 Status and General Information

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Global Updates

State and County Status and Resources

Agricultural Resources

Labor Implications & Support

Food Safety