California Prunes taste—and pair—like no other prunes in the world. Rich and smooth, with an ability to enhance both sweet and savory flavors, California Prunes are naturally nutritious and surprisingly versatile.

California Prunes = Flavor + Versatility

The pairing options are endless when it comes to California Prunes. Add them to baked goods to substitute for oils, fats or sugars, or use them to balance the acidity in sauces or dressings. Savory or sweet, California Prunes are a delicious addition to any dish and are a nutritious alternative to artificial ingredients.. Whole, diced or pureed, California Prunes go with proteins, on salads and cereals, and in sauces and baked goods.

Pairing Flavor Profiles

From dark chocolate to craft beer and miso to anchovies, California Prunes pair perfectly with a wide array of ingredients. They not only lend a delicious sweetness, but a “meaty” texture, which makes plant-based dishes more satisfying.

Dark | Earthy | Toasty | Cooked

California Prunes And... Tasting Notes California Prunes And... Tasting Notes
Walnuts Earthy, Tannins, Bitter, Fatty Miso Fermented, Salty, Sweet
Dark Chocolate Bitter, Tannins, Sweet, Earthy, Deep Craft Beer Fermented, Sweet, Bitter, Umami
Prosciutto Salty, Fatty, Creamy, Umami Olive Oil Bitter, Mouthfeel, Fatty, Peppery
Ginger Earthy, Spicy, Wintery, Zingy Squash Earthy, Neutral, Sweet, Vegetal, Autumnal

Bright | Contrasting | Fresh

California Prunes And... Tasting Notes California Prunes And... Tasting Notes
Olives Salty, Briny, Umami, Green Mint Fresh, Herbal, Spicy, Green
Feta Tart, Salty, Creamy, Briny, Umami Grapefruit Sour, Bitter, Citrus, Bright, Fresh
Pomegranate Astringent, Sharp, Fresh, Zingy Passionfruit Sharp, Sweet, Fruity, Fresh
Bitter Greens (Endive) Bitter, Fresh, Green Preserved Lemon Citrus, Salty, Bright, Bitter