Effects of Dried Plum on Bone Biomarkers in Men

JOURNAL: Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 3, Issue Supplement_1, June 2019, nzz028.P01-028-19,

AUTHORS: Danielle Gaffen, Ashley Tunstall, Jonnatan Fajardo, Pavithra Ramachandran, Mark Kern, and Shirin Hooshmand

Osteoporosis in men is an overlooked yet increasingly important clinical problem that, historically, has not received the same degree of awareness as with women. Epidemiologic studies demonstrate that male osteoporosis contributes significantly to the burden of osteoporotic fractures, especially among the aging population. Although several studies of male animals have demonstrated bone protective effects of dried plum, no human study has evaluated the effect of dried plum on bone metabolism in men. For this purpose, we conducted a randomized controlled clinical study to test if daily inclusion of 100 g dried plum will positively influence serum markers of bone metabolism in men.