Over 25,000 registrants from over 150 countries participated virtually, June 1-4 at ASN’s Nutrition 2020 and abstracts are published in the June supplement issue of Current Developments in Nutrition. Click study name for more information on the research abstract:

Effects of Dried Plum (Prunes) on Bone Density and Strength in Men
Shirin Hooshmand, Mark Kern et al.
Although there were no statistically significant changes in bone mineral density (BMD) from baseline to 6 months and 12 months in the sites measured in the control group (0 g/day prunes or 100 g/day prunes), there were modest beneficial effects of prunes in bone geometry suggesting promotion of greater bone strength.

The Short-Term Effects of Prunes in Preventing Inflammation and Improving Indices of Bone Health in Osteopenic Men
Bahram Arjmandi et al.
This study, primarily funded by USDA with the Board providing prunes, reported that regular consumption of either 100g or 50g prunes for three months may make some contributions to bone formation and bone turnover activity, and minimal contribution to decreasing inflammation and improving bone density and quality. More information would be available after the full 1-year trial.

Alterations in Gut Health, Bone and Inflammatory Biomarkers, and Blood Flow After Three Months of PruneConsumption.
Elizabeth Foley, Bahram Arjmandi et al.
While statistical comparisons in this preliminary data set did not reveal any significant changes with the addition of prunes to the diet, additional parameters of inflammation, bone density and turnover, and gut health are currently being evaluated. Preliminary data suggests that prunes effect bacterial communities, but that the effect is dependent upon the dosage (50 or 100 g).