June 11, 2024 Executive Committee Meeting – Pre-reads

To help you navigate through these pre-reads you can view or download them without leaving this page. There's a dropdown at the bottom of this list that allows you to select what you'd like to view and easily move between documents. Reach out if you have any questions.

Agenda Item #5 - Inventory and Shipment Report CY23 Q3ViewDownload
Agenda Item #5 - 2023/24 Budget UpdateViewDownload
Agenda Item #7 - 2024/25 Proposed BudgetViewDownload
Agenda Item #10 - 2024 Credit-Back GuideViewDownload
Agenda Item #10 - Rules & Regs Governing the Conduct of Business, rev. June 2024ViewDownload
Agenda Item #10 - Assessment Billing ScheduleViewDownload
Agenda Item #10 - Processor Reporting RequirementsViewDownload
Agenda Item #11 - 2024-26 Board Members and AlternatesViewDownload