Gary Thiara

California Prune Grower | Empire Farming Company

Did you know that 97 percent of all US farms are family owned, and many are multigenerational. Gary and Shindi Thiara of Empire Farming Company are just one example of multigenerational farming in California.

“My brother and I grew up in our parents’ farming operation . Today, we continue to manage and expand the farming roots put down by our parents with high expectations that our children will join us in the future to carry forward the family legacy.”

Gary - plum prune grower

Gary Thiara is President & CEO, Empire Farming Company, responsible for the management of a diversified farming operation engaged in growing prunes, walnuts, almonds, peaches and raisins in the northern and central valleys of California. He has served as Chairman of the Board, Sunsweet Growers Inc. and is currently a member of the California Prune Board. Gary has a Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Fresno.