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Perhaps the biggest investment with the widest reach of the 2018/19 program year was the launch of our new brand. Nearly two years of extensive research and creative development went into the new brand and, California Prunes made its debut in May. With a new name (no longer dried plums), fresh logo, website and brand identity, the new brand strongly reflects the California point of origin and halo.

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The brand exists to help “prime” the marketplace to embrace California Prunes and to set the stage for commercial marketers to take the message “the last mile” as they see fit.

CA Prunes Logo
After 15 logo designs with 50 variations, 15 brand positioning statements, and months of vetting, we landed on a brand that offers a clear, desirable value proposition while ensuring “line of sight” to the consumer.

In a dynamic world, it has become more important than ever to be transparent and authentically embrace who we are and what we stand for. The new logo is the face of our industry and positively transforms a statement of origin into a reflection of market leadership and a dual message emerges through the tagline: Prunes. For life. The tagline signifies that California Prunes are good for your life, at every stage of your life.

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With great enthusiasm, the new California Prunes brand is being incorporated into everything we do, including:

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Built for ADA compliance and mobile-friendly viewing, the new website is responsive and uses the brand color palette and aesthetics to optimize the user experience.

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Designed with the consumer in mind, all of our social media channels carry the brand mark and include additional messages about flavor, versatility and health benefits of California Prunes helping drive traffic to the website.

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Orchard Notes received a new masthead to match the brand and regularly offers orchard management practices to growers with brief updates on the latest marketing activities. Our industry newsletter came under a new name – Positively Prunes – providing news bytes and information on a quarterly basis and carries the brand story by echoing back to the positive nature of the prunesumer.

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We are also telling our brand story through a variety of formats and messaging, but the total story can’t be told without you, as we all represent California Prunes.

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The brand debuted at INC 2019 in Boca Raton and carried with it messages developed specifically for the trade in a new brochure and advertising series.

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As the most powerful tool in getting people to try and love California Prunes, our sample packs underwent a new brand design as well. Provided in a portable and single serving size, the newly branded packs carry the logo, nutrition facts, and key messages.

Our brand story can’t be told without you. We all represent California Prunes.


The research is solid, the investment is made, and the resources are ready. The California Prunes Brand was designed with you in mind and is meant to complement your own marketing and promotions. Be sure to visit the Brand Assets Library to download the brand book, style guide, logo and fonts so you can make the most of California Prunes branding.


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