Prune Summit 2020


8:00 AM – 2:30 PM


965 Orchard Creek Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648

California Prune Summit Highlights Opportunities & Challenges for Industry

The California Prune Board hosted its second-ever Prune Summit on February 26 in Lincoln, CA with more than 200 growers, handlers and industry leaders attending. The summit provided “some critical analysis of the situation … and an accurate view of where the industry is at,” said Chairman Joe Turkovich, who opened by detailing the global oversupply and the demand for prunes. Other sessions included food expert Maeve Webster discussing marketing opportunities for prunes, as health-conscious consumers learn more about the fruit and how to incorporate it into recipes while grower and handler panels discussed the state of the industry. Data and research also played a major role in the summit, with analyst Brad Rose detailing the role market research plays on the global stage. University researchers shared their latest findings on how to improve quality of prunes while reducing production costs and several nutrition research projects were also on display during the poster sessions.

Presentation decks are available for viewing below:

Global Supply and Demand – Joe Turkovich

Unleashing the Power of Prunes in Today’s Food Landscape – Maeve Webster

Growing California Prunes: The Essence of Our Brand – Grower Rountable

The Role of Market Research in Selling More Prunes – Brad Rose

California Prunes in the Next Decade – Handler Roundtable

Production Research Posters

Spray Thinning Prunes at Bloom: Worth Checking Out - Franz Niederholzer

Epidemiology and Management of Major Prune Diseases in California - J.E. Adaskaveg

Mechanical Pruning Trial in ‘Improved French’ Prune - Rich Rosecrance

UC Davis Prune Cultivar - T. M. DeJong

Epidemiological Mechanisms of Canker Diseases (Cytospora Canker) of Prune - Themis J. Michailides

Program Topic Details


  • Maeve Webster Headshot

    Unleashing the Power of Prunes in Today's Food Landscape

    Join Meave Webster, President of Menu Matters as she discusses the shift to healthy and what’s important for consumers, changing tastes and the impact of world cuisines in the U.S., and the challenges and opportunities for California Prunes. 

  • Brad Rose Headshot

    The Role of Market Research in Selling More Prunes

    Join Brad Rose of Rose Research, an analyst for the California Prune Board for nearly 20 years, as he discusses how insights from the past and new techniques can help us most effectively market prunes on a global scale.

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