Fourpoints bar

The world comes to California for prunes, and so does energy bar innovator, Fourpoints. Denver-based Fourpoints Energy Bars are the first and only bars powered by California Prunes. With a new formula that now includes high-quality hemp protein, Fourpoints bars balance proteins, fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates to create an energy bar with a low-glycemic load for long-sustained energy without the sugar-spikes and crashes of other bars.

New this month, Fourpoints has released a line of Slow-Burn Protein Bars marketed towards professional athletes and active duty military. Inspired by the original formulation, Fourpoints Tactical bars, use the highest quality whey protein isolate to provide the same benefits and slow-burning energy as the original energy bars, but with an extra boost of protein and a higher calorie count. In honor of our nation’s heroes, Fourpoints joined forces with Troopster®, so every purchase helps send care packages to troops around the globe. In addition to working with Troopster®, Fourpoints Tactical will begin its distribution through Army Air Force Exchange (AAFES) in January, but will also be available through traditional distribution and direct sales through the website.

Also, now when you purchase a Fourpoints bar, you can see the new California Prunes brand right on the package. Since they are such an important ingredient on the inside, Fourpoints features the California Prunes brand on the outside, too!

For our members, enjoy a special promotional price when you purchase Fourpoints Slow-Burn Energy Bars or Protein Bars online. Use CAPRUNES at checkout.

For more information, read the official partnership press release here.