Obesity is the result of many eating and lifestyle issues. While many food label claims have been and continue to be introduced by food processors, "no/low/reduced fat" remains the leading nutritional label claim. 

Prune’s fiber, sorbitol and malic acid serve as a natural fat replacer in baked goods and confections. Meat and poultry processors as well as foodservice operators can also use extra-lean meats and even lesser quality cuts to reduce fat that benefit from the moisture-binding and flavor-enhancing abilities of prunes.

Prune Puree May Be Effective Fat Replacer in Cakes

Prune puree can replace as much as 30 per cent of the fat by weight in chocolate cupcakes, and could be used to reduce saturated fat levels in baked goods, according to a presentation by US researchers.

Dried Plums Give Confectioners the Sweet Solution to Reducing Fat

The taste, texture and satisfaction of full-fat confections can now be produced with significant reductions in fat using dried plums.

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California Dried Plums Offer Confectioners a Sweet Solution to Control and Reduce Fat, Calories, Sugar and Carbohydrates

California dried plum purees, powders and juice concentrates provide a complete fruit-based system to balance the nutritional composition of confections with flavor, texture and convenience.

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Take a Bite Out of the 100-Calorie Snack Market with California Dried Plums

California Dried Plums are a natural ingredient for food processors to participate in the 100-calorie snack category.

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Alternative Dried Plum-Based Fat Replacers

A summary of various dried plum products used as bakery fat replacers.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Making Reduced-Fat Baked Goods Using Dried Plums

Dried plums can help bakers produce reduced-fat, great-tasting products by avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

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California Dried Plums … Natural Alternative to Reduce Trans Fats in Baked Goods

Dried plums are an effective, natural alternative for bakers to consider to achieve fat reduction and trans fat reduction or elimination, as well as a reduction in total calories and calories from fat.

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