There are many fruit products that use the term "superfruit" to describe their antioxidant composition. Prunes, however, emphasize to food designers that the value of prunes' antioxidants is more functional, forming a complete fruit-based system along with prunes' fiber, sorbitol and malic acid to improve the nutritional value of processed foods.

Prunes’ composition becomes most important when food designers formulate to remove negative food characteristics such as fat, calories, sodium, and others that consumers and foodservice operators seek to reduce or eliminate. These nutritional improvements are achieved naturally resulting in cleaner labels and menu descriptions.

Limit Added Salt in Formulas Naturally With Dried Plums

Dried plum ingredients offer food processors opportunities to reduce the amount of added salt in formulations without negatively impacting formula flavor objectives while maximizing consumer flavor expectations.

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Meeting Foodservice Menu Nutritional Disclosure with Dried Plums

California Dried Plums provide solutions to foodservice operators to meet new foodservice menu nutrition disclosure legislation for calories and fat.

The foodservice industry and restaurants in particular are facing local, state and federal legislation requiring the posting of the nutritional content (particularly calories) of meals in their units. Many operators worry that consumer nutrition and calorie awareness could reduce the eating quality of what they serve thereby lowering traffic, sales and profits. Dried plums offer foodservice operators natural solutions to improving food nutrition by reducing calories and fat without sacrificing food quality.

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