What makes prunes such an effective bakery ingredient? Prunes naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol and malic acid. These components allow prunes to function as a fat substitute, inhibit mold development, add humectancy and extend shelf life. 

Available as whole prunes, paste, bits, and diced, purees, powders and juice concentrates, prunes can be used in all wet and dry batching systems.

Prune Puree May Be Effective Fat Replacer in Cakes

Prune puree can replace as much as 30 percent of the fat by weight in chocolate cupcakes and could be used to reduce saturated fat levels in baked goods, according to US researchers.

Dried Plums Extend the Shelf Life of Foodservice Breakfast Baked Goods

Dried Plums can directly help foodservice operators maintain the moisture and texture of breakfast baked goods, reduce waste, lower food cost and create a more satisfied customer.

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Take a Bite Out of the 100-Calorie Snack Market with California Dried Plums

California Dried Plums are a natural ingredient for food processors to participate in the 100-calorie snack category.

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California Dried Plums Create Bakery Products that Are Fit for Life

Using dried plums to design nutritionally enhanced baked goods for an aging population.

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Alternative Dried Plum-Based Fat Replacers

A summary of various dried plum products used as bakery fat replacers.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Making Reduced-Fat Baked Goods Using Dried Plums

Dried plums can help bakers produce reduced-fat, great-tasting products by avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

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Prunes: A Multifunctional Bakery Ingredient

A review of the composition of prunes (dried plums) and how their unique components can be effectively used by bakers.

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California Dried Plums … Natural Alternative to Reduce Trans Fats in Baked Goods

Dried plums are an effective, natural alternative for bakers to consider to achieve fat reduction and trans fat reduction or elimination, as well as a reduction in total calories and calories from fat.

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California Dried Plums Offer Bakers Innovative Solutions to Control and Reduce Fat, Calories, Sugar, and Carbohydrates While Extending Shelf Life

Dried plums’ natural components provide bakers with unique ways to retain moisture, reduce fat, reduce calories, control carbohydrates and extend shelf life.

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Using Prune Juice Concentrate in Whole Wheat Bread and Other Bakery Products

A discussion of laboratory tests that examine and quantify prune juice concentrate baking qualities, mold-inhibiting properties, and effects on final product quality of yeast-leavened baked goods in Cereal Foods World.